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This is a strength and conditioning program designed to build more explosive athletes with higher work capacity. The demands of athletes are universal. If they are strong and powerful, can run, jump, sprint and change direction, then they will be successful in their sport of choice. We use multi-plane compound movements to simulate the demands placed on an athlete during sport. We replicate the stresses and situations a player will face on the field by combining high intensity movements with a comprehensive strength and speed program, the result is a training program that is unparalleled in the industry.


Our Head Coach Alex Bode uses the training philosophy of John Welbourn, founder of Power Athlete HQ. John Welbourn was a 9-year starter in the NFL whose goal is to create "power athletes". This programming  has been designed by NFL players and some of the top coaches in the world. Not only have top athletes created it, but also it has been used to compete at the highest levels of professional sports. The utility of this program is not theoretical; it has been designed by athletes and coaches that have dominated at the highest levels of competitive athletics.


This program is different from our regular CrossFit classes in regards to the fact that our general CrossFit classes are designed to increase General Physical Preparedness. This class is ONLY available to athletes training for a specific sport outside of general fitness. The CFA Accelerated Athlete program has a much higher emphasis on strength training with a linear progression program along with sprint and agility work. This program is designed to work for all players regardless of age or experience as any load, intensity and distance can be scaled accordingly to his/her level of ability.

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